Talk About Service!

RefreshDec24As we move closer to 2014, and sales kick off season in January, I’m going to be spending much more time in hotel rooms than at home (and more time in the air than on the ground!).

I want to share a great customer service story I experienced last year at the Ritz Carleton Half Moon Bay. They provide service lessons we can all learn from:

1. The limo company (not owned but referred by the Ritz) called the hotel 10 minutes before my arrival. Because of this, I was greeted by bell men who opened the car door for me and the hotel front desk staff ready to check me in. They even had a glass of wine poured for me, and within five minutes, I was in my room.

2. A minor error was made with my limo pick up time back to the airport, but they proactively caught it well before I was scheduled to be picked up. They corrected the error, alerted me via telephone and slipped a confirmation letter under my door.

3. All the staff are trained in the details and workings of other departments. There are no calls to other parts of the hotel or wait times to get an answer. All staff are able to answer all the questions about the hotel on the spot.

4. The room service staff set the table, suggested I take a seat, unrolled my cutlery and placed the napkin on my lap…all done professionally and without being intrusive. They even pressed my coffee and took away the heat tray covers. It may have just been breakfast, but it was a memorable experience nonetheless.

Because of this incredible service, I always recommend the resort to family and friends (and my readers!). Remember sellers, great customer service will do wonders for your business…and if you can somehow provide the same views that they do…you’re golden.

What are some great customer service experiences you’ve recently encountered?