Taking Out The Trash!

NewBlogAugust14 Are you selling the same way you were five years ago?

Many salespeople have not adapted with the times and have not updated their sales process. As a result, their sales are suffering and they’re not selling as much as they used to.

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That way, you can identify and stick with the strategies that yield the best results for you and kick the “sales trash” to the curb!

Here are five common practices that, in my experience, hurt sales and are often not addressed by salespeople! If your sales results are struggling, consider reviewing these five practices and identify whether or not you have recently updated these points in your sales process.

1) Clinging to bad leads who don’t buy

Bad leads will always be bad leads. Are you still trying to sell to leads who have historically resulted in little to no profits or have previously wasted your time? Kick these leads to the curb and move on. Your best bet for success is working on leads that are worth your time!

2) Cold calling as a top lead generator

Today, only 3% of all sales are closing from cold calls. The other 97% come from other sources (e.g., referrals, web inquiries, white papers). If you’re still making cold calling a top priority and abandoning other sources, it’s time to update the way you do things!

3) Dropping prices on request

Emphasize the value of your products or services and offer more options, not discounts. Don’t simply give in to requests for price discounts. When you do, you lower your own value and erode sales margins. If you’re guilty of handing out discounts, this is one practice you definitely need to trash.

4) Outdated testimonials

Remember the three Cs: current, compelling and credible! Prospects want to know if your products/services work in today’s marketplace. Trash any old testimonials which are no longer working or relevant and work on securing new testimonials that will allow you to attract new and profitable business.

It’s essential to periodically take out the trash when it comes to your sales. Don’t get caught up with old processes that are no longer serving you!

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