“We know you, they know me
Synchronicity” – Sting, the Police

I was at the Police concert Thursday night and they didn’t disappoint – except that they missed my favorite from Synchronicity, Synchronicity 1. As always, I can’t just sit and enjoy the music (and to be honest, enjoy Sting himself) without thinking about what I can learn from the experience. I know, all you balance freaks will tell me to close my eyes and breath…I can’t. My brain is wired to look for opportunities and relationships everywhere. Perhaps I do have something in common with Gene Simmons after all…..

So what did I notice at the Police concert that is related to sales:

1. While I was obsessing about them playing Synchronicity 1 and running through the lyrics in my head it dawned on me how sales is about synchronicity between the buyer and the seller. If we are in synch, they buy. This is why I don’t like selling systems and instead advocate a selling philosophy or model. You get out of synch with your buyer when you are focused on your system and not on the relationship. And when you are out of synch, you lose the sale.

2. Memorability. With 60% of the songs, Chris and I looked at each other and exclaimed “Ohhh I forgot about that one!” We then went on to sing along to ALL the lyrics. Synchronicity was recorded in 1983 and the others years before; yet, I could remember all the lyrics to all the songs. Because they were memorable. Are you memorable? Do your clients remember your information, your details? Studies show that your clients receive 8000 marketing messages per day. Your’s might or might not be one of those messages. Regardless, are you being remembered about all this marketing noise?

3.Premium pricing. The floor seats were $225 per ticket and were sold out. I could only get my hands on a 300 level (nose bleed) seat at $59. The stands at that level were only 2/3 full. You will always have a subset of clients that are not affected by the economy, or financial pressures and who WANT to spend more. Find those customers and build the strongest relationships with them

4. Longevity. The Police have not released an album since 1983 and they are selling out shows around the world. They sounded great, and Sting looked great, (but I think I mentioned that before). Clearly they are happy doing what they are doing or, why would they hit the road again? I can’t imagine that they need the money. Or at least I have not read that they are bankrupt in People Magazine! Rather I think they are driven to perform out of passion. And they know that their fans will respond positively, with lots of money. Do you have the passion in your business to last 30 years or more in sales? To you have a stable of clients that you know will respond by opening their pocketbooks with every new offer?

In summary, focus on the relationship is sales. Build synchronicity with your buyers and find a way to be memorable. Doing so will ensure that each and every time you offer them something new, they will respond positively and profitably.

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