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Sales Mastery Workshop Team!

WOW! We just completed our first Sales Mastery Workshop in Chicago this past weekend and I was blown away by all the participants and by how much they contributed. Congratulations to everyone who attended!

There are three key points that I’d like to share with you about that workshop:

1. There were lots of great ideas. We assembled an elite group of sales leaders who arrived hungry to receive and share information. Not only did we all learn some new ideas (and some things we can’t write about in this newsletter), it was also a great opportunity for new partnerships and referral sources.

2. Great results are already being reported. Just days after the workshop, we’re already seeing reports of results from participants. In fact, even before we left, one attendee provided coaching to a rep back home, based on that day’s work. That rep went on to secure two meetings from three calls based on our cold-calling model. That kind of result is great news…in any market!

3. Movie night was a smashing success! What would a complete sales education be without a screening of Glengarry Glen Ross? While I had forgotten just how foul the language was in the film, I had not forgotten the great sales and leadership lessons learned from this Hollywood classic. Plus we all got a chance to kick back and enjoy the show…complete with Cracker Jacks, Junior Mints and a few beverages!

I hope you will choose to join us at an event next year.

And speaking of events…today is the last day you can sign-up for the Third Annual Powerhouse Event (April 27-28, 2009), for the ridiculously low, pre US-Thanksgiving Day special rate of $247. Plus with your early registration, you will receive the complete audio recording of our 2008 event-that’s a $197 value on its own, and it’s yours at no extra charge!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all our American Readers. Don’t forget to thank your customers. After all, they pay your bills and keep your company buoyant. And happy shopping to everyone who celebrates Black Friday!

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