Unexpected Customer Service

Feb4 Chris and I truly enjoy the variety of offerings in Florida when it comes to restaurants. Like everyone else, we enjoy a nice night out for laughs and (usually) a great tasting dinner. Believe it or not, one of my most memorable restaurant experiences occurred AFTER leaving the restaurant, the next day to be exact!

Back in the summer, we visited Savoy, in Ottawa and had high hopes. We loved the service and food at Metropolitan, their sister restaurant, but decided to switch things up that night. The bar was set high but I also somewhat expected to be disappointed. I secretly worried that it was going to be like seeing the sequel of a great movie…rarely as good as the original.

I was pleased to be wrong! The service was excellent, the food was delicious, and something about the decor and ambiance just put you in the right mood! I also can’t continue writing this blog post without first recommending the Vongole and chocolate bread pudding (with Caramel!). Hopefully you’re not too hungry right now.

As I mentioned earlier, the most memorable part of my experience at Savoy came long after leaving the restaurant. What I was most impressed with was the email I received the next day:

Dear Colleen Francis,

Thank you for your visit to Savoy Brasserie on Saturday. We work hard to provide you with the highest quality of food and service, and hope we met all your expectations, and assisted in making your gathering a success.

If you have any questions regarding your visit, or general feedback, please call.

Hope to see you again soon!

I know, automated messages (generated from their online reservation system) aren’t the most flattering form of communication to receive. However, I reserve online about once a week, and I estimate anywhere between 50-75 restaurants probably have my e-mail address registered with them.

This is the only restaurant that has ever sent me a notice to thank me for dining with them. No survey attached, no PostScript about a new promotion at the restaurant, just gratification for choosing to dine with them that night.

Refreshing! I’ve had plenty of great dining experiences, but I won’t feel any particular need to share my experience with most of them, especially online. Remember sellers, good customer service is a fantastic start…but unexpected customer service is what really gets people talking. ← Click To Tweet

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How often do you do something unexpected for your customers?