Stop Wasting Energy!

I am sick of people complaining about the price of gasoline. And, it’s not because I love the thought of paying $93 to fill up my tank. It’s because constantly complaining about things you have no control over is a waste of energy and a waste of time.

I notice that when people are complaining (about anything, not just the cost of gas), they get mad, their attitude deteriorates and they sink into a very unproductive mood. In sales, you can’t afford to be in an unproductive mood for long.

Here’s the thing. Rather than complaining about the cost of gas, why don’t you close 1 additional sale to get the money to pay for the gas. We are lucky to have control of our incomes in sales. Use this increase in the cost of living as a sales motivator rather than an excuse. Other people, on fixed salaries, are not so fortunate.

John Lennon once said something like, “when I want a swimming pool I just write me a swimming pool”. And that’s the attitude I like. Well I may not be able to write my way to increased commissions, I can certainly sell my way to increased commissions! And you can to.

Shut up. Quit whining. And go make another sale.