Stepping Up Your Game

Business Graph The best salespeople are constantly looking for ways to improve. They are not staying static for extended periods of time because, let’s face it, if you’re not moving forward – you’re moving backwards!

There’s almost nothing better than reaching (or exceeding) all of your sales goals for the year. A certain feeling of accomplishment is natural, and should be embraced! However, will you be satisfied if your numbers stay the same next year? Are you doing anything to improve upon your past accomplishments?

The answer for many salespeople is no. They often work hard to create temporary success and soon after end up in a worse situation than they were before because they allow temporary accomplishments to hinder their work ethic.

Here are two things you can do to improve upon your current success:

1) Increase Product Knowledge

You can never know too much about the products or services you provide. Spend some time on a monthly or quarterly basis to update your own knowledge so you can better prepare yourself for success.

Sometimes, all it takes is one question from a prospect to throw us off our game and ultimately lose the sale. The more knowledgeable you are, the less likely you are to fumble and put your sales process at risk. ← Click To Tweet

2) Reach More Decision Makers

Stop wasting your time pitching to influencers and find ways to create direct communication with the top of the chain. So many salespeople burn valuable time and resources by first attempting to sell to influencers and then waiting for a response (and sometimes never hearing back).

Make a pledge to zealously guard your time. One of the best ways to improve on past results is to simply create more time during your day and increase your productivity.

What’s one other way you attempt to improve yourself and step up your sales game?

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