Special Announcement: Playing Favourites!

Join us September 11 2014 for a Free webinarPlaying Favorites Focusing on the Right Customers for the Biggest Sales Return from Your Time

When time and resources are critical, you have to start by breaking the mindset that all your customers are equally important. In fact, treating them so threatens your ability to meet your sales goals.

The fact is that not all – even just a minority – of your customers provide you repeat business through up and cross sell. And even fewer of those will be important references for new prospects. So learning to identify those key customers is critical to your future success.

In this webinar, I’m going to detail a system you can use to identify which customers represent the most lucrative long term revenue sources so you can prioritize your time and effort accordingly. You’ll learn:

  • My classification system for identifying lucrative prospects and customers.
  • How to apply your efforts for the range of customers and who to let go.
  • Who are candidates for up and cross sell with a fraction of the typical effort.
  • Why measuring onboarding and reporting is critical.

If you want to generate more sales without spending more time, then determining which customers you should focus on is critical. On this call you will see the specific steps to take now to identify and focus on those that represent the greatest revenue potential. These action steps can make the difference between a sales boom or a sales bust.

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Dedicated to growing your sales,
Dedicated to Increasing Your Sales
Colleen Francis