Something to Think About

According to Dan Kennedy’s research we lose customers for the following reasons:

  • 1% die
  • 3% move
  • 14% are influenced by a friend’s or relative’s advice and switch to their brand
  • 9%leave because of a better price or product
  • 14% switch du to product or service dissatisfaction
  • 68% leave because they felt the sales person and company were indifferent to their needs. They feel taken for granted

Now, there is not a lot you can do about the 4% who move or die but what are you doing about the 14% who are lured away on a freinds advice? What can you do to keep clients? What can you do to get your clients to refer you to their friends and family?

What are you doing to resolve customer service issues quickly. What are you doing to prevent customer service issues from arising in the first place?

Lastly – how can you show your customers everyday that you do not take them for granted and treat them as if they are your most valuable asset (becuase they are).

I suggest you spend the time to figure out the true value of each customer. What do they spend, who do they refer, how long are they on average a client. Likely you will be amazed at how much each client is worth to you over the course of 5-10 years.

Show them you care and they will reward you with more business.

Dedicated to increasing your sales,