Sales Quota Math!

Taschenrechner und Statistk I know – you may dislike doing math. You can handle the numbers in your business but the thought of doing any additional arithmetic scares you.

It’s okay!

The math I’m going to discuss in today’s blog post isn’t advanced calculus or trigonometry. It’s basic, it can be done very quickly with a calculator, and it’s going to help ensure that your sales quota does not sabotage you.

Feel better? Well, let’s get to it!

Many sales leaders automatically sabotage their own success as soon as they set the targets for their team. <– Click To Tweet

How? They don’t create enough wiggle room with their quotas. Sales leaders often give out targets with the assumption that the entire team will hit 100% to make up the entire sales team’s quota.

The truth is – that rarely happens. Generally speaking, you can expect your company to achieve 80% of quota this year. So, take your total amount of target, divide it by 80% and you’ll notice that doing so will give you a higher number. Then, divide that higher number among all of your sales reps to create the targets that they should achieve. That way, if 60% of your sales team hits their targets but the remaining 40% only hit about 50% of their targets, you’ll still achieve 100% overall of the targets that you set.

You must be smart, realistic and have a real plan to achieve your quota this year. Too many salespeople put only a small amount of thought into their quotas which sets them up for failure in the long run. You must find the fine line between challenging your sales reps with exciting targets but not overwhelming them with ridiculous numbers they don’t even believe they can achieve.

One thing is for sure, now is the time to do your due diligence and ensure that your entire team is ready and prepared to perform in 2015. The best way to have a great sales year is by having a great Q1, and we are already winding down on January.

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How do you ensure that your team stays on pace to hit their targets?