Simplify and Increase Your Win Rate! | Sales Strategies

Nothing kills a proposal faster than when you add so much value and so many extra benefits that the client says, ” Hey, I don’t need this much. This will be too expensive. This company doesn’t understand my needs. I’m just going to walk away.”

We’ve all been there. Nothing is worse than getting a proposal rejected when you think that you’re providing exactly what the client needs.

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This needs to be done in the needs and solutions or qualification portion of your conversation with the buyer. As the buyer is telling you what they need, if you feel like that there are certain things that are inherently amazing about your product that the buyer isn’t bringing up, you need to bring them up as questions. Phrase your features and benefits in a way that a client can say, “Yes, I see why that’s important”, or “No, I thought about it and I don’t need it.”

For example, you might start by saying, “You know, other clients have found that by doing it this way, they get X benefit. Is that important to you?” Or you might say, “Every other customer that I’ve worked with has found value in this particular feature or benefit. What do you think about that?”

You will then hear the buyer confirm whether they like that idea or don’t like that idea. If they’re apparently opposed to that idea, find ways to strip it out of your proposal or minimize it so they don’t see the stuff they don’t want. In doing that, you’ll dramatically increase your close rate of all of your proposals, which will help you sell more in less time.

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