Should You Trust Your Gut Feeling?

NewBlogJune5th You probably know that when all else fails, going with your gut will typically better your chances at creating success for yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with trusting your gut to make decisions, as long as there is sufficient planning and testing beforehand. The most successful sales leaders will not enter a situation so blindly that they need to rely solely on a feeling to make a decision. Hope or gut feelings alone will not guarantee that a new sales strategy will be successful once implemented.

Instead, these successful sales managers, leaders, and companies base their decisions on tangible results. In fact, when new sales strategies are implemented with sufficient planning, your hopes and feelings toward successful results have a much stronger foundation to them. ← Click To Tweet

Rather than judging an idea at merely face or surface value, successful salespeople test the idea, analyze it and evaluate their findings. Doing so allows these salespeople to decide with real data, whether or not it makes sense to implement the idea on a grander scale.

Too many organizations and companies make their decisions without putting any real thought into it. Entire sales processes, marketing strategies, and prospect approaches are often planned on gut feeling alone. The necessary research that is required to determine whether or not a new strategy will be successful is often completely discarded for a quicker, less structured approach.

Even when salespeople sense that there may be something wrong with the strategy, they would much rather skip the entire testing process than create an effective method to truly analyze the situation. Don’t make this mistake!

When sales strategies fail due to insufficient planning, sales teams and even entire organizations become disrupted, deflated, and less eager to implement tested, winning strategies in the future.

As I’ve mentioned in previous blog entries, my best clients are open-minded when it comes to new strategies. They embrace ideas from outside their industry, and forge relationships with people and businesses that can add value. However, they never implement new strategies on a whim. Instead, they consider the idea, test it in a small area, measure the results, and then make an educated decision on whether to keep it or to discard it. This is the real way to minimize failures when implementing new strategies!

There’s nothing wrong with trusting your gut feelings or intuition. However, the most successful clients we work with base their decisions on objective measures, facts and results. They never implement a new idea on feelings alone.

What percentage of your strategies has been tested before implementation?

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