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Writing Retreat in Lake Placid!


It’s finally done! My first book – Honesty Sells – was submitted to John Wiley and Sons today for editing and publishing. It’s a bit nerve racking and it took a weekend hidden away in Lake Placid to finish (shown here). They tell me that the fun starts now with edits, cover designs, marketing and endorsements. Honesty Sells is co-authored by yours truly and Steven Gaffney, who many of you know from the Powerhouse Sales Event in May. Steven will be back with us next year, April 27-28, to coincide with the launch of the book. I hope you can make it.

And now for the really great news! I am giving you a chance to get Honesty Sells for free as a thank you. With Canadian Thanksgiving this past Monday, we are now at the start of the “season of thanks” at Engage. That is the period of time marked between Canadian Thanksgiving (Oct 13) and US Thanksgiving (Nov 27). During these 6 weeks I encourage you to be thankful for the success in your life and thankful for everyone who contributes to your success. That includes your customers. And for me, that includes you. So here is your special offer. If over the next 6 weeks you can provide me a testimonial that shows how you used any one of our Engage Selling tips to help you close a deal, and allow me to publish the testimonial on our website or in the book as an endorsement, I will provide you a first run autographed copy of Honesty Sells as a gift. Just send me an email with the details including what you did, and what the results were and I will set aside a copy of the book for you when I receive them in the spring!

I could not ask for a better group of clients than you. Thanks so much for being part of our community and I look forward to catching up with you soon.

Dedicated to increasing your sales,
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