Serving the Customer

Conrad at his first Starbucks! Well just for Dog Treats. Yeesh! The LAST thing a 10 month old puppy needs is caffine.

I thought this Starbucks was a great example of how to uniquely tailor and differentiate your service to fit a specific business market. A Starbucks with a walk up window and patio seating only.

You would never see a Starbucks like this in Ottawa because it could only be open from May – October. In Daytona a store like this can be a year round profit centre! And like Starbucks you too should always be looking for ways to serve different customer markets…well… differently!

The way your clients like to buy in the US maybe different than how they buy in Germany. Hospitals may buy differently than food service providers, and women may by differently then Men.

As a side note: for more information on female vs Male buying behaviour check out Cristi Cooke and our Selling Powerhouse event May 7-8.

If you look act and sound the same as your competition, your prospects will only have price to differentiate you. If you find ways to stand out by offering more convenience, a more fun environment, different ways to purchase and sensitivity to different types of buyers, clients will chose you regardless of price. This particular Starbucks had a walk up window for people strolling by, and drive-thru window for drivers, dog treats ready for Conrad, and a button at wheelchair height for disabled clients that could be pressed for service. Talk about being proactive and thinking through every potential customer type that would utilize this walk up window. I was impressed.

How can you modify your business practices to better serve your different markets. or, a better question, what is your competition NOT doing, or unwilling to do that you could implement today and really stand out!

Dedicated to increasing your sales,