Sellers That Lie

What’s up with the recent increase in dishonest sellers this year?

Seriously, how can anyone actually think beginning a relationship with dishonesty is going to pay off in the end?

It boggles my mind!

In the last month, I’ve personally experienced sellers:

  1. Call from the UK and tell my office director, Casey, that he just missed a call from me.
  2. Emailing me to follow up on our “last conversation.”
  3. Leaving voicemails on my line or cell phone saying they are returning my call.
  4. Sending me email proposals based on conversations we never had.
  5. Call to tell me that they were referred to me by the president of an association I don’t belong to.

Stop the insanity!

When Steven Gaffney and I wrote Honesty Sells, we started with the premise that overt lying wasn’t a problem in sales anymore. We had some fun in chapter 1 and highlighted sellers in the “Sales Hall of Shame” who had blatantly used lies to try and win business.

Well, that was close to 10 years ago and I guess lying has become a problem again. Please just stop it. You will always be found out, and when you are, the relationship is over.

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