SASS: Companies Already Abusing the New Canadian Anti Spam Legislation!

July 1st marks the date the new Canadian Anti-Spam legislation comes into play.  CASL changes the way businesses can communicate with their customers, making it necessary to get express consent to send e-mails and other marketing messages.  I am all for the legislation and feel that most legitimate businesses with ethical marketing practices have been following the spirit of this law for many years (yours truly included). Often the most expensive part of tracking e-mail marketing consent is managing the database, since with express consent you need to keep a record as to who said you can send them e-mail updates (aquarius83men/Getty Images/iStockphoto)

As a result of the new legislation, businesses are reaching out to their current Canadian clients to receive express consent. Not a bad idea if you are unsure whether you have express or implied consent from your database. I have received these consent emails from my lawyers,  spa,  gym, financial planners, banks, and a host of other services that I regularly use.

Horrifically,  I have also received “consent” emails from companies I have never heard of. I can only guess that they are buying lists and using the CASL legislation as a marketing technique, hoping that I will mindlessly click on the “I consent” button thereby adding me as a new name on their list.

Stupid Ass Sales Technique. These companies are ticking off potential buyers and clogging their in-baskets. Worse, they are at risk of  being blacklisted because  recipients (including me) are indicating that the emails are SPAM.

Because of  the short term and long term risks associated with this marketing technique, AND because the marketing plans rely on the assumption that customers are naive, unobservant and clueless I label all these companies with SASS!

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