Sales Success Story

I was coaching a client yesterday who implemented a great campaign based on some advice. I thought I’d share the details because it is a great lesson in how staying in touch in a fun way can yield sales results.

June 1st was Doughnut day. How could you have known? Chases Calander of event is the best source for event marketing….. so my client experimented with 15 of his top prospects. He sent them all a card wishing them a “Happy Doughnut day” and a $5 Dunkin Donuts gift card. All total the campaign cost him less than $150, and in his words, “was far less painful than making cold calls.”

NOTE that he did not ask for their business or promote his products at all. In return he received 1 order for $3000 and 3 call in from prospects who would like to schedule meetings and re engage. That’s not a bad ROI for a small campaign.

The key lesson here is that people love to feel special. If you can make your clients feel special, and have doing doing it you can make more sales.

– dedicated to increasing your sales