Sales Olympics: Lessons from the Games Part 2

  • You can be the best in the world and have a bad day. Cyclists, who have won big events this year, are not medaling in the Olympics. Phelps is not wining all the medals. World champion gymnasts are hitting the floor, sitting down on apparatus and losing spots in the final. Divers are missing their dives.  Unseeded Poland defeated 3rd ranked Poland in Volleyball.  The key is to move past it the disappointment fast. Brush it off and live to fight another day
  • Know the rules going in. And if you accept them before the competition starts, you have NO RIGHT  to complain about them after you lose. Jordyn Wieber’s (and her coach’s) behavior sickens me. Crying now that the system is unfair? She competed and lost, and didn’t deserve to make the final. To complain about the rules not being “fair” makes her appear to be a victim. It cheapens the accomplishments of  her competitors and team mates. Jordyn has to suck it up, take ownership of her loss, and admit her own defeat. In sales, when you lose, it’s your loss. No one else’s.
  • When you excel, others will be jealous and suspicious. I don’t know whether the Chinese swimmer Ye is doping, and I sure hope she is not. I do find it interesting that an athlete can have the swim of their life and everyone naturally assumes she is guilty. Sad statement of our cynicism don’t you think? There is no doubt that she will be tested and tested randomly for the next 8 years, and I certainly hope she is innocent.  Frankly, it was nice to see the British Olympic Chief defend her today. For us in sales the lesson is this: the more successful you become the more skepticism you face. The more jealously will come your way, the more complaints be criticism people will throw your way. Don’t listen, move on and find supporting voice. Oh, and by the way, don’t cheat along the way either!
  • Celebrate your wins. When you win big  especially on something you and your team have been working on for a long time, celebrate! Smile, pump your fists and shout! Hug each other and jump up and down. It’s OK, in sales….no one is watching. Then, get back to work to  fill the pipeline so you can do it again.

Dedicated to increasing your sales!