Sales Meeting Recomendation

Hi Colleen. How often do you recommend sales meetings for the reps and is there a better time and day? Thanks Karen

Hi Karen!

I recommend group sales meetings once per week for 60 minutes max! Monday mornings work great because they can be a motivational way to kick off your week plus you can set some short term goals for the team to try and accomplish. I also know companies that use Wednesday. This works well if the team is local and doesn’t travel. If everyone is travelling I find Wednesday’s difficult to coordinate because by mid week everyone is usually flying around the country if they have territories to visit! Wednesday is the busiest travel day according to air traffic reports. Morning meetings tend to be the best attended with the best energy so I would start by trying a Monday or Tuesday morning and see how it works for you.

Some fun history… In the 70’s and 80’s my Dad used to have his sales meetings at 3 pm Friday afternoon to ensure his team worked a full day! Those were the days when sales managers kept a full bar in their office, making the meeting an attractive alternative to skipping out early! I’m not sure if you can get away with that in your environment these days! LOL.

You should also try to schedule 30 minute 1:1 with your team weekly or bi weekly as a check in and to cover topics too sensitive for a group meeting. At this session you would review individual performance and activity level, debrief sales calls and set goals.

I hope that helps! Let me know if I can offer any more advice.

Good luck! Colleen