S.A.S.S (Stupid Ass Sales Strategies)

It’s been a long time since I was perturbed about a sales practice. That changed last week at Saks Fifth Avenue with Georgio Armani cosmetics.

Congratulations to the brand for forever tarnishing themselves in my mind.

Aggressive and subversive sales tactics never work.

And, this is how the sellers at their cosmetics lines are trying to attract customers. It started with:

“Excuse me, your scarf is beautiful, great colors, where did you get it?

Followed by:

“You have such a lovely smile, I have a gift for you.” (Which was a lie because I was in a rush and not smiling at the time.)

As I was not expecting subversive sales techniques from a luxury brand, I went along with it and found myself in a chair covered in tissue, apparently getting ready to have my make up done.

Finally, she asked, “Are you familiar with our brand?”

Yes, and I’m sitting here because I didn’t think your brand would be applying these aggressive sales techniques. Shame on me for falling victim to them.

I literally had to show the lady a text from a business associate who was waiting for me across the street to get out of the chair.

Today, I went back to Saks for a quick item and I purposefully turned the opposite way, trying to avoid Armani, only to find that they had a second kiosk on the other side of the store.

Again, as I passed by I received:

“Can I ask you something? Great jacket, I have a question for you.” All shady questions to trap unsuspecting customers.

I expect these questions from Timeshare sellers and mall kiosk owners. Not from luxury brands whose style is discreet, tailored and sophisticated.  The CEO should know that these sellers and their training are client repellant and ruining the brand trust Armani has built with their luxury clientele.

Not only will I not buy from Armani, I will purposefully find ways to avoid being in their line of sight.

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