Reconnecting With Former Clients

Jan9th Can you think of a few (or several) past clients that you would like to reconnect with? I know how it is, you may feel as though it’s been too long to attempt to touch base, and as a result you decide that trying to reconnect is pointless. You may even dropped the ball or made a mistake with the former client, and therefore feel hesitant to re-initiate contact.

I have some good news. Whether it’s been six weeks, six months, or even six years, it’s never too late to reach out directly to your client. In fact, it’s essential to open dialogues with former clients as it provides you with valuable information as to why they may have fallen off the map. This way, you can be certain (and stop wondering) as to why you haven’t heard from them, as well as gain valuable lessons from the past that can help you improve for the future.

Also, consider the method that you choose to reconnect, I recommend picking up the phone and calling the client. Trying to send an e-mail makes it a little too easy for the customer to ignore you, and simply showing up at their door unannounced can be perceived as intrusive or presumptuous. Just make the phone call!

Don’t be surprised if it takes several tries before the client returns the call. My guess? It may take seven attempts before the individual chooses to return your phone call. Calling once or twice and giving up when you don’t hear back is a recipe for failure. Persistence is the key here, as it’s only by consistent follow ups that you make yourself difficult to ignore. Click To Tweet

When they do call you back, it’s important to be direct (without sacrificing a friendly tone!). If you made a mistake or dropped the ball with the client, don’t tip-toe around it. Tackle the issue head on and admit the mistakes that were made on your end. At the same time, you must make it clear that you are attempting to find a resolution that benefits both the client and yourself.

As you know, sales success is all about keeping a balance. It’s vital to keep a proper balance between the extremely profitable business generated from referrals and repeat business, and also networking to counterbalance the longer process of attracting and retaining brand new clients. Once you have a new client, the last thing you want is for them to fall off the map!

How often do you pick up the phone and reconnect with your former clients?