Quit your Griping!

Have you ever heard the expression, “you get what you attract”? or “Your thoughts become your reality”? It is a true and a very powerful principal of success and failure. The Law of Attraction. Reciprocity. What you give out, comes back. Most of us have been taught to visualize success, set goals for what we want, write it down and take steps towards achieving it. That is using the law of attraction in a positive way.

At the same time, we need to remember that it works in the negative. Many people forget this and so they sabotage their progress towards success unconsciously.

You attract what you focus on. On my Harley, we call this object fixation. It was taught to me during a driver safety course. Bike are incredibly maneuverable. You barely have to glace at where you want to go, and the bike will go there. This is what makes bikes fun, safe and dangerous all at the same time.

The #1 cause of bike accidents, when a car is not involved, is object fixation. That’s when a rider focuses on a object so intently that he hits it directly. If there is a cow in the middle of the road and a rider stares at it thinking, “would you look at that, there is a cow in the road, I wonder why is that cow in the road? I hope I don’t hit that cow.” – its too late. They have already have hit the cow. Instead if you approach the cow thinking “Hmmm, better get around that cow, looks safe and clear on the other side” you will easily swerve around the cow and continue on you way.

What you fixate on, becomes your reality.

Think about this in your own life. When something bad happens do you fixate on the negative or the positive? If you focus on the negative, do more and more bad things manifest themselves around you? Now….I know what you are thinking. “but Colleen my problems are bad, they’re not my fault, I have nothing else to talk about…”

Instead of complaining, ask yourself “what did I learn from this?” “What I am grateful for in this situation?” “What is funny about this?”

I lost my dog Friday night. He died suddenly, having been ravaged by a brain tumour. It was not a happy time for me and I griped and complained and felt miserable for sometime. Then I remembered that I should really practice what I preach – after all I do suggest that authenticity is a hallmark of great success! So I changed my tune. “What am I grateful for?” – That I had 9 happy years with my pup, that he did not suffer long, that we were able to make him comfortable quickly. “What did I learn from this?” That sometimes you can’t predict what will take your pets life, that you need to pay more attention to small signs and changes in their behaviour, and that its better to let him go quickly than to have him endure suffering. “What’s funny/ironic or made me smile?” Well to know my dog blitz is to know that he loved food. Ironically the tumour ultimately started pressing on his brain’s “I’m hungry sensor” pushing it into overdrive. In his last hours, feeling helpless and wanting him to be happy, he got his wish and I fed him as consistently as I could…I am sure that was heaven on earth for him.

Do I still miss him? Yes. But my outlook has changed and I am having a happy time remembering all the good he brought into my life. Its gives me energy which I can throw into my work and give to my clients.

Stop complaining about your situation. Its never as bad as you think. Don’t complain about the things you can’t control, its a waste of time. Try it for a week. Quit griping!

I get tired of people complaining all the time – we see it this time of year especially because its cold, dark and there is no sign of a long weekend until Easter. All that complaining leads to negativity in your life. Start being happy. Quit complaining. Here is a challenge. I dare you to go 1 week without 1 complaint. Not about the weather, work, your spouse, the service you received on your last flight. No complaints for 1 week. I know you can do it, and once you do you will see how not only it changes your outlook, but also your week.

Start focusing on what you are grateful for. Each time you feel a complaint coming on (say about the way your spouse takes out the trash) replace it with a grateful thought (like you love the way he cooks you dinner each night). Each time you want to vent about a customer behaving badly, instead replace that thought with being grateful that he is paying is bills and sending your referrals.

Be grateful instead of being a griper. Be a life giver instead of a life sucker. Your life will be a success because of it.

Dedicated to increasing your sales,