Quick is the new slow

On April 9th I posted an observation that about Dell’s over packaging of a lap top sleeve. This should be an easy fix.

Stop putting lap lop sleeves in big boxes with as more bubble wrap than needed to ship fine china by jeep on dirt roads! 4 months later another sleeve arrived for my new lap top, in the same packaging.

I know they see it as a problem and are working on a resolution (from the comments on the last post). But, it does surprise me that they have not solved the problem. 4 months for someone to make a decision that could save them money (on packaging) save the consumer money (on shipping) and save the environment? In today’s business environment that indecision could be fatal.



In today’ business environment you must take action fast. Be agile.

Quick is the new slow.

Rapid change is the new normal.

If you can’t make a decision and implement in 4 months. Your customers will get tired of waiting, and your competition will step in. Make a decision and move.  You can always change you mind, once you have evaluated the results, and move a different direction later.

What decisions have you been delaying? Can you step up and take decisive action this week?

Dedicated to making this your best year yet.