Q&A with Colleen: How do you tell others in a resume that you have the skills to sell their products?

I received this question on our website this week and thought it was worth sharing:

How do you tell others in a resume that you have the skills to sell their products?

My Answer:

Great question! Thanks for writing in. Sadly, most resumes are nothing more than descriptions of where you worked and what activities you have performed. To stand out, you need to focus on results!

  1. Describe growth. If you grew a territory from $100,000 to 1 million in one year, state those results clearly. Show the actual numbers, the percentage increase, and the time it took.
  2. Include metrics. What is your closing ratio? Average sales size? Repeat order percentage? And sales conversion time from Prospect to close? Even better,  how do those numbers stack up against your past employers averages, or industry benchmarks?
  3. Show proof. State what your targets have been in the past at previous job and what you accomplished. Use real numbers.
  4. Use testimonials. Have quotes from past managers and clients that offer quantifiable proof that you have been successful in past jobs

In the interview be prepared to talk about how you accomplished those great results. Share stories, examples of wins, and also losses that you have bounced back from.

Don’t be a know-it-all.  Admit to participating in ongoing self-development and share the last books you read, courses you attended or research you reviewed.  Sales manager need people who are lifelong learners on their team

And of course above all else, Be Honest. Of you lie or stretch the truth on a resume or an interview, you will be caught. It’s not worth it.

Dedicated to making this your best year yet!