Profitable Statistics

Fully engaged employees are 67% more productive and moderately engaged employees are 40% more productive than non engaged employees according to McKinsey.

Engagement can be defined as the opposite of alienation. So, if your sales team needs to be more productive, ask yourself first, how engaged are they? And what are we doing as a company to make sure they are engaged?

You can tell when a sales rep is engaged because they go the extra mile, they exert discretionary effort showing real passion for what they do. A fully engaged sales rep hurts when they lose a deal and celebrates when they win. They are competitive because they care. They fight for what’s best for the company, the client and themselves because they believe in what they do. They are fully aligned with the products and the company.

Engaged sales reps create emotional connectivity with their clients. I know this sounds fluffy…and if you know me, you also know I hate fluff. So consider this fact…..emotionally connected customers spend 46% more than customers who are merely satisfied, accord to a 2004 Gallop study.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all build emotional connectivity with all of our current clients this year and have them raise our revenues by 46%?

Over the next few days I thought we could explore what it takes to build emotional connectivity between clients and sales people. send your comments and I will add my own. At the end, we should have a great database of ideas for everyone to use.

~ Dedicated to increasing your sales