Post-Sale Problems

Stress You did it. You made the sale. The paperwork has gone through and you’re ready to move on to the next prospect and close yet another deal.

Little do you know, making the sale was the easy part, maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with your new client is where things start to get messy.

One of the biggest problems salespeople face is dealing with the amount of issues that come up with clients after the initial sale is made. Many clients can be high-maintenance, or can be difficult to please. The good news is you can take steps before the sale is made to ensure that you are drastically reducing the chances of such scenarios arising.

1) Don’t Sell To Everyone

There is a certain amount of information you can gather about your prospect prior to making a sale. The problem is, salespeople get so wrapped up in trying to close a deal that they disregard their judgment as to whether or not the prospect will be a right fit. Don’t fall into this trap!

Be confident enough in your own judgment and abilities to become selective with who you choose to work with. Think about it, if you make a sale with a client who wastes a considerable amount of time (you could be using to close more deals), is that initial sale even worth it?

2) Be Clear With Prospects

Communication is the salesperson’s biggest ally! Don’t create a relationship with a prospect based on assumptions; create an effective plan that clearly outlines what is expected from you and what is expected from your prospect. With the help of your prospect, create this plan with great detail so that there are no surprises that come up in the future.

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3) Learn From Previous Clients

Do common issues and problems arise in your working relationships with clients? If so, you may want to evaluate these issues and find a reasonable solution to move forward. You can almost always learn something from your previous mistakes!

What’s one common problem you have experienced post-sale?

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