Picking Yourself Up

It’s been an exciting weekend at the Olympic track this week and no one better displays the Olympic spirit than the two middle distance runners Mo Farah from Great Britain (Gold medal men’s 10,000 meters) and Ethiopia’s 3000 metre steeplechaser, Entensh Diro.

In a true to life Chariots of Fire moment, Farah went down hard  half-way through his race, picked himself back up and went on to win. The last 2 laps are some of the best racing I have ever seen and (disclaimer, Farah is a track idol of mine) it’s no surprise I was yelling at the TV.

Entensh Diro lost her shoe in a crash and as a result had to stop twice. Once to take the shoe off, and a second time to remove her sock. She fought back from last place and finished the race 5th, with one foot bare and the other in a spike. And, out of the finals.

Have you watched steeplechase? Diro went over the hurdles and into the water 2-3 times with that bare foot and pushed to the finish, collapsing in exhaustion and tears.  After some thoughtful deliberation, officials ruled that she should not be penalized for another competitors mistake, and Diro (along with two other runners) were awarded spots in the final. I fully expect her to win a medal.

When was the last time you pushed passed adversity? How did you fight back from a lost sale to still hit your targets?  How prepared were you to handle the objection?

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Don’t think. Do! That’s how the Olympians win.

Salespeople fight adversity and disappointment every week. Do you handle it like an Olympic champion?

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