Pick Up The Pen!

NewBlogOct30 Believe it or not, the answer to more sales could be as simple as picking up a pen.

That’s right, you may simply need to write a letter to a prospect or a decision maker in order to get a response.

What I’ve been noticing about the top sellers and sales teams is that they are not afraid to approach prospects with old fashioned direct mail…that means actually shipping something via the post office!

In today’s world of tweets, emails, texts, and other electronic forms of communication, it seems counterintuitive to revert back to older methods. But, because your targeted prospects are so frequently being bombarded by social media messages and emails, you have the opportunity to stick out by doing something different. You have opportunity to be unique and memorable in the mind of your prospects.

Direct mail is more personal and does not have a “Delete” button attached to it. It also demonstrates that you are able and willing to go the extra mile. In short, mailing your prospect is a fantastic way to make a positive first impression if executed correctly.

Today’s modern forms of communication are extremely important, but ubiquity is just as vital for success. You must be present in multiple places in your market simultaneously. This includes using older forms of communication to your advantage! <– Click To Tweet

Because of this, I encourage you to try out a small exercise. Pick your top ten prospects and find something of value to send to them. You could consider sending them:

  • A hard copy of your newsletter
  • A book
  • An article
  • A handwritten note

You can experiment with the contents of the direct mail you send out, but be sure to track your success with each content piece and evaluate what brings you the best results. The idea is to reach out to and provide value to your prospects physically, not just electronically, so you can make a bigger and better impression than your competitors.

My clients are reporting that their response rates increase dramatically when they use direct mail to get in touch with their prospects.

Now, don’t slack off on social media and emailing! As mentioned earlier, these forms of communication are still extremely important. But, by picking up the pen and adding direct mail to the mix, you maximize your chances of success!

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How often do you send direct mail pieces to your prospects and clients?