@Peak – Make the Right Hire Every Time + Whitepaper Offer

The market has definitely heated up since this time last year and many employers are now adding sales headcount or upgrading their teams. As you are probably in hiring mode as well, the very smart team @Peak thought best to share their free whitepaper “Make the Right Sales Hire Every Time”, a step by step guide which is guaranteed to improve your sales hiring – measured in sales results!

If you don’t have time and prefer to digest the 10 second version, here is the “Coles Notes” version:

  1. Why Hire Top Performers – systems and training are important, but you need the right raw talent to excel in this economy
  2. The High Cost of Mis-Hires – a poorly assembled team means lost revenues, profits, customers, market share…and those are just the obvious costs
  3. Identifying Peak Performers – skills and sales DNA that match your selling environment matter more than sales experience
  4. The DNA of Peak Performers – top performers are a different breed – the bottom line is that they think in terms of the bottom line
  5. How to Recruit and Screen for DNA – pick the best by focusing on DNA and past success in your type of selling environment

To read more insights and lessons learned about hiring top performing sales reps, download the FREE whitepaper, follow this link –> Make the Right Sales Hire, Every Time

Enjoy – Colleen