Own the Agenda!

Canadians have just celebrated our first long weekend of the summer (Victoria Day, to celebrate the birthday of all Queens of Canada), and Americans are gearing up for Memorial Day on May 30th. It’s officially summer!

Speaking of Royalty, Wills and Kate are coming to Ottawa this summer for our National Canada Day holiday July 1st. I am hoping to catch a glimpse of them! And who knows, maybe a picture will grace the cover of our July Sales Flash!

While the golf tournament invites are piling up and your vacation plans are getting settled don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can’t close business during the summer. Sure – take time off. Last summer even I took some time off in Banff for some hiking which was a great way to let go for a few days!

Regardless whether you are gone for two days or two weeks, smart business owners and sellers know that  summer can be a great time to secure contacts, to meet clients and to plan appreciation events.

Plan now to close business in June, July and August. Set a plan for filling the pipeline with leads. Review who bought last year and visit them this week. Schedule appointments now, before the peak holiday season. Take a no excuses approach. Personally, I see no reason why you can’t close enough business between now and Labour day to exceed your goals.



P. S. If you need a boost in your closing skills check out the replay of the extraordinary call we offered last week Own the Agenda. It’s chock full of ideas to help you close more, and more profitable deals this summer and into Q4. Listen right through to the end as well…we are offering a free gift to those willing to commit to making this year their best year yet!