How To Maximize Productivity

Do you work more than the “usual” 8-10 hours a day? If you said yes, would you like to change that?

The key to working less hours is to be completely productive during those hours you work from start to finish without some form of interruption. And, while it seems do_not_disturb impossible, you’d be amazed at what gets done when you are completely focused and uninterrupted. Recently I tracked my productivity during a flight and you won’t believe what 5 hours of uninterrupted time with no phone or random internet browsing did for my productivity:

– 42 E-Mails sent
– 300 E-Mails filed, deleted or moved
– 2 sales quizzes written
– 2 video scripts written
– 1 proposal sent
– Completed client project
– Platinum and Gold Sales letters written
– Vanity Fair James Bond issue read from front to back
– Listened to two 1 hour podcasts from Alan Weiss, my mentor
– Ate my (very tasty) lunch

While I happened to be on a plane, you don’t have to be. You can still recreate the perfect environment for maximum productivity with just a few simple steps.

1. Sit in a comfortable space
2. Lock your door
3. Commit to zero internet browsing interruptions and turn off your cell phone

The bonus? By maximizing your productivity in those five hours, chances are you still have a decent chunk of your workday left to get ahead or catch up on other work!

What are your favorite practices for being productive during the day?

Dedicated to increasing your sales,


PS – The best thing about all this is, you no longer have to dread long flights! Being productive keeps you on top of your work, and makes the long flight (quite literally) fly by!