My upcoming stay at Fairmont Part 2

Last week I posted that Fairmont Sonoma refused to take my money when I inquired about a suite upgrade. (One was available but they would not allow me to pay for it).

Interestingly over the weekend I received a proactive call from their Willow Stream Spa, welcoming me to the hotel next week and encouraging me to book in advance. I thought this was great service and easy sales tip for everyone to implement. The spa receptionist  mentioned (gently)  that they book up quickly and that she would be happy to make appointments in advance for Chris and I. Here are my observations:

1. 2 weeks ago I had even considered spending time at the spa, now I am thinking seriously about booking some massages for us. The first step in making sales is raising awareness. The spa now has a qualified opportunity in their pipeline.

2. Proactive sales will always help you sell more than reactive. If the spa can get us booked before we are on- site they are more likely to get our time and money before we spend it elsewhere (AKA wineries!)

3. If a spa can proactively reach out and make calls (warmish) any industry can! What excuses are you making that are holing you back from making sales?

4. The spa is more sales oriented than the hotel sales staff. Are there areas in your business that prevent revenue? It strikes me that this hotel could benefit from a weekly “all hands meeting” where they share best practices. Sales might learn from the spa, who might learn from catering, who might earn from the front door staff. You never know where your best new idea can come from.

5. What if the sales team proactively called all their incoming guests and offered them a special price to upgrade to unoccupied suites? I would imagine room rates would soar past goal!


Dedicated to increasing your sales,