My First Public Event in 5 Years

Never Ending Value, Evergreen Relationships, Lifelong Business

How to create and employ customer and client strategies for continual business with your clients

Alan Weiss and I are hosting a live event in February 2018 in South Beach, Miami to help you grow your business with a stable of multiple million dollar clients.

At this unique experience, we will totally engage you in:

  • Finding and landing ideal clients which possess huge potential for you.
  • Chalking up instant wins to gain credibility.
  • Making yourself invaluable with “The Reliance Factor” so clients seek you out again and again.
  • Expanding your influence to exponentially grow opportunities within each client unit and site.

We will use preparatory work, role plays, case studies, and practice with a variety of scenarios to make this a pragmatic, immediately applicable skills building session.

Join quickly for this limited attendance experience. Early bird pricing expires October 31st, 2017!