My Brush with Fame

Nothing is better for me – in work anyway – than combining learning with fun, fame and fortune. That’s why I am still on a high after meeting Gene Simmons last week. I was blown away at his business- sales and marketing – acumen and I am now devouring his books to learn more about how he is amassing such great fortune and fame.

As sales pro’s we can all learn from Gene Simmons. The big lessons are:

(1) Set no limits on your potential and surround yourself with only positive influencers (Life Givers not Life Suckers)

(2) Be a people person. Love to help people, talk to people and focus on the needs of others. Work on your charm, charisma and your personlaity. Be someone everyone wants to be with

(3) Work Hard. Success – however you chose to define it comes from hard work, not from sitting around thinking about it.

Cheers Colleen