Morgan Freeman and Other Sales Surprises

greenwall Here’s what I’ve learned from clients and travel so far this summer:

  1. The Birmingham Airport is a wonderful treat. While I enjoyed a delicious BBQ there, it was Morgan Freeman’s voice for TSA announcements that really impressed me. I also can’t forget about the most beautiful live green wall I have seen outside the UK! Ingenuity in your business is highly recommended!
  2. Assigning top performers from within your company to help implement of new ideas is the fastest way to have those new ideas adopted.
  3. The only value that matters is the value that matters to the client.
  4. When you expect the best, plan for the best and look for the best, you will experience the best.
  5. Knowing why you are good is the secret to lasting success. When you know why you are good, you can replicate and repeat it.
  6. Coach your top performers and fire your bottom performers.
  7. Sales are won by those people who follow up.
  8. The toughest sales problems are solved in silence. You must give yourself a chance to think and reflect in silence to be at your most creative.
  9. You can over-engineer a sales process to the point of it being useless (especially if the process was created by engineers!).
  10. Talking to buyers will always provide the most accurate information about what is REALLY going on in the market. Don’t rely on market surveys or research. Talk directly to stakeholders and buyers.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. Spend time filling the pipeline now and you will have a strong finish the the year.

Dedicated to increasing your sales,