Money Making Monday Quick Tip: Be a Giver, not a Sucker

Be a giver, not a sucker

Adversity in life drives salespeople into becoming either suckers or givers. Suckers blame others for misfortunes; givers take responsibility and ownership for their actions and get results.

Top sales people are always looking for solutions to challenges. They embrace how their jobs require that they act responsibility. They are givers. And they are that way as a matter of choice.

Bad things can happen even to the best salespeople—losing a sale before you had the contract signed, or because of a budget freeze, for example. We can’t control events, but we can choose how we react to them. When do mistakes happen, be honest. This makes you more trustworthy and earns you something that’s truly invaluable—a reputation for integrity.

Avoid surrounding yourself with suckers—those who always find excuses faster than solutions. Instead, stick with the givers. Being around positive people will improve your outlook and keep you focussed on your job: selling more in less time.

Dedicated to making this your best year yet