Money Making Monday: All business is personal

All business is Personal

It’s a timeless adage that all business is personal, and yet it is overlooked by many in business today. Go back and read what people like Zig Ziglar were teaching forty years ago. He recognized, as I do, that there is immense potential in the power of goodwill and on having a personal approach.

Go beyond words. Actions show you care. I’m fond of quoting what a top salesperson once told me about what set him apart from everyone else in his area. “I genuinely love people and I like showing how much I appreciate them,” he explained. “There are plenty who remember to send out a birthday card to a friend or client, but I’ll bet I’m the only one who also sends out a birthday card to that person’s beloved dog!”

Connect with each person individually. Do away with the process approach to sales: make room to exercise a personal touch with every customer. Not only does it help make you a better person, you help shape the lives of others.

Just as the Dalai Lama sagely prescribes: “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” Concentrate on fine-tuning this important basic and success will find you.

Dedicated to making this your best year yet,