Modeling Success

Hi Everyone,

I am at the Dan Kennedy / Bill Glazer No BS Wealth Creation conference this weekend in LA. It just wrapped up and my head is spinning with new ideas to help you grow your business.

A couple things I noticed about the successful participants at this session – by successful I mean those pulling in at least $1million dollars or more in personal income per year

  1. They are focused on value not cost
  2. They are focused on ROI not activity input
  3. They take immediate and decisive action, and make decision quickly
  4. They implement, rather than thinking about what to do next
  5. They associate with others like them, who are supportive of new ideas
  6. They are all breaking the model of how business is being done traditionally in their industries.

Often, successful people are the ones with the most outrageous ideas. Starbucks was considered outrageous when they opened their first store – I mean really, who thought there would be a market for $7 coffee? With hindsight