Micromanaging…a Good Thing?

Micromanaging often gets a bad wrap in the professional world. But, could it actually be a good thing?

Look, the term micromanage can have different meanings to different people.

Often, it gets misinterpreted as “nagging” in many workplaces, but that’s not what micromanaging necessarily is.

Recently, I worked with a fast-growing tech company that is gaining a strong hold on the marketplace and is ready to take off. However, their sales are woefully behind and their sales VP is at risk of being fired as a result.

What’s the disconnect?

When the owners and board members of the company started asking questions, specifically about the lackluster sales, they discovered that their sales management had no clue what the issues were.

Obviously, this lead to uncovering a bigger problem within the company.

In an attempt to not become “micromanagers” the sales leaders within the company were so hands off, they didn’t have a meaningful idea of what the problem was because they were, well, hands off!

Don’t let a similar scenario unfold in your organization.

Stop thinking that “micromanaging” is “nagging” and replace it instead with “accountability” in your business.

Managers need to keep a pulse on what’s going on. They need to understand the processes their salespeople are using to create results. And, if the progress isn’t where it should be, they need to be able to pinpoint the obstacle and overcome it.

Look at “micromanaging” differently. If you don’t, you may find yourself uncovering holes in your sales process that you didn’t existed far too late!