Making Money Mondays: Rid yourself of sales trash

Are you selling the way you were five years ago? Chances are good your results aren’t what they once were. Find out what’s not working for you and kick that sales trash to the curb! Here are five common issues I’m seeing when coaching clients.

Clinging to bad leads who don’t buy. Bad leads will always be bad leads and are sucking time and resources out of your day. You either qualify a lead or you trash it.

Cold calling as top lead generator. Today, only 3% of all sales are closing from cold calls. The other 97% come from other sources (e.g., referrals, web inquiries, white papers).

Same old sales script. If you’re talking more than listening on that first call to a prospect, trash that script. Start over, beginning with good coaching advice.

Dropping price because someone asked. Emphasize value of your product/service and offer more options, not discounts.

Outdated testimonials. Remember three Cs: current compelling and credible! Prospects want to know if your products/services work in today’s marketplace.

Be honest with yourself. Which of these 5 above are you or your team guilty of. Now, what are you going to do to correct it? Awareness if the first step to solving the problem