Making Money Monday: Grow!

It can be difficult to think of anything growing at this time of year. Most of us are knee deep in snow, are facing a bleak grey landscape or rallying behind the motivational cry of “at least it’s a dry cold!” Despite the lack of growth outside, its is a great time for growth inside. Specifically a time to reflect on past goals, stretch into new goals and review our accomplishments over the past years. What are your growth goals for 2012?

When my brother and I were kids we used to stare at the sky and ask ourselves how high we thought it could go. Paul thought it was endless, I was not so sure. I remember him being particularly devastated at school one day when we learned that the sky actually ended and deep dark space began. I am still intrigued by the thought that the universe is endless and often catch myself wondering  “What else in our lives are endless?”. How big, how high can we grow our lives?

As a sales professional, did you start out in your business with a “how high can I go?” question and an “opportunities for my expertise are endless” attitude? Most of us did, but where is that attitude now? Has it been replaced with the “sky is falling!” cry as you face the grim reality of all the “other” tasks we need to accomplish in order to run a successful business? While many think that this more cynical outlook is a realistic attempt to balance over the top goals with the day to day operations of our businesses,  I’m not so sure it is helpful to our growth.

I would argue that imposing a “sky is falling” mentality limits your potential growth. And, in a year where I have set a goal to help your best year yet – as well as mine – I take issue with the “sky is falling” attitude.

During my 12 years as a consultant I have talked to many successful companies who lament the loss of the excitement and energy they once had as a business or seller in the market place. Sure they are successful and enjoying it, but it seams to me that they have lost some of the thrill associated to what we do.

What are your goals? Have you reached them? Do you have a 3 year or 5 year plan? What is your exit strategy? Or, are you settling?

Many you reading this are already living your dream having grown to a place you could have never imagined. Congratulations! But is it the dream you had at the beginning, when nothing could hold you back? It’s easy to to get lured into complacency because you are earning what you want to earn this month, quarter or year. But if you take a moment to assess your current position and how you got there, its easier to set your heights on growing even more. In my opinion, everybody is capable of achieving more this year than they did last.

2012 is a leap year. That means a whole extra day to do something profitable with, and to boot, it’s a Friday. Here is my challenge for you this month. Find a way to get one more sale in February to grow your revenue over 2011 February results, or use the day for assessment, reflection and planning. Find a warm, nurturing environment and think about where you wanted to be when you started, and how you are going to get their this year.

Dedicated to making 2012 your best year yet!