Looking like a duck. Sounding like a duck. Acting like a duck

One thing I notice about 90% of sales people – the percentage category where the mediocre to bad reside – is that they all look act and sound the same. They are saying the same things, such as “hey how are ya?” They are all acting the same way, such as not making calls during the prime selling times of the day. And, they are all saying the same things, such as “buy us!We’re cheaper, faster and better!” In fact, it doesn’t matter what industry you chose, 1 mediocre sales person looks and sounds the same as the next

The top 10% of sales people look, act and sound different than the rest. They stand out from the pack. They act in unexpected ways. That is why they are on top.

I teach sales people to implement the habits and behaviors of the top 10% of sales people. My mantra is: “If you want to be the best, emulate what the best are doing.”

It makes me laugh then, (in a sad and pitiful tone) when mediocre sales people complain “but that’s not how I do it!” when asked to talk or act differently to customer. Most often I respond: “I know that’s why you are not in the top 10%. If you want to be the best, we need to start acting like the best”.

I’ll be the first to admit that not everyone likes that answer. Regardless, it is the truth. As Larry Winget is fond of saying: “The truth shall set you free. But first, it will really piss you off.”

A sales manager whose team I am coaching this week said “You can’t make a sale until you do something unexpected”. I love that expression because it’s true. If you sound like and act like all the other sales people competing for your prospects attention, you become just another sales person competing for your prospects attention. As soon as you do something different, you differentiate yourself. You stand out, and you become memorable. When you become memorable, people want to buy from you. You don’t have to sell anything.

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