Lessons learned from the worst sales people

Today, Kevin Dee at Eagle pointed out an article on the The 6 most infuriating tech sales styles. These 6 styles could be about any type of sales people AND the fact that this article has been picked up by so many major tech news sources means that buyers still harbour fears and negativity about sales people.

In my opinion, those fears and negativity are our professions fault. OK… maybe not you specifically but sales people who today – in our marketplace – still sell with themselves in mind and not the customer in mind.

There are lessons to be learned by reading this article. Specially:

1) Never over promise and under deliver

2) Don’t talk badly about the competition

3) There is a fine line between the persistence and stalking (my tag line and mantra by the way…)

4) Put the client’s needs first – LISTEN

5) Do your research before you go in and be prepared!

6) Only introduce your client to resources that are meaningful to them. IE – don;t bring in your CFO to talk to them about ROI if they don;t care about financial modelling (see points 4 and 5 above)

Thanks for the head’s up Kevin. And double thanks for calling me one of your favorite sales trainers!

Dedicated to helping you be the best! (sometimes by learning from the worst!)