Lessons From a Cold Email

RefreshMay6 You never know what you’ll find when going through old emails. While doing some inbox “spring cleaning,” I came across this cold email I received awhile ago.

Let’s dissect it and see what lessons we can learn!

“Dear Colleen,

“ABC Company” is working with more than 1000 companies – including Xerox, Kaiser Permanente, VeriSign, and Goodyear – to help them deliver more effective and consistent communications and training to their internal and external audiences and dramatically reduce costs.

The following is a brief example of “ABC Company’s” presentation that speaks to our value: View the “ABC Company” message for Engage Selling.

Thank you for taking the time to review this. Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about the solutions we have created for our customers, and I’d be happy to forward a testimonial.”

The email actually starts off relatively strong. They’re attempting to display their expertise, which I can’t fault them for. The problem lies in listing HUGE companies in the Fortune 500 list. Automatically, small and medium sized business owners will be taken aback.

Here are just a few thoughts that may come to the mind of a small business owner:

1) Their service too big for me.
2) I don’t have the budget to work with them.
3) I don’t think I’m ready to work with larger businesses.

Don’t scare off your prospects in an attempt to impress them!

Their next point touches on their “value.” If they don’t know what their prospects’ needs and requirements are, how can they be sure that their value means anything?

The only value that counts is the value that the client cares about!

Their final point offers testimonials to their prospects, which is a huge plus! Most companies don’t acknowledge the power of testimonials. However, for a greater impact, the testimonials should be included in the email.

The lessons for today:

1) Don’t scare your prospects away.
2) Focus on your prospects’ needs.
3) Provide testimonials in the email itself.

You can acquire an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise by learning from the mistakes of others. The next time you receive a cold email, consider analyzing what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong.

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Tell me in the comments below, what’s one behavior that stops you from working with someone?

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