Lesson Learned From Gene Simmons

Howdy Y’all from Nashville,

I am here attending the Dan Kennedy Marketing Super Conference as I do every year to learn from the best how best to market my business. I am a sales person afer all…and marketing has always been the “dark-side” to me. I have to admit that I am starting to love marketing and have really enjoyed learning how to implement innovative strategies to get more leads (more of that in another posting)

We had the chance to meet Gene Simmons at this event – when I get home and back to the scanner I will send you the picture of Gene and I…its quite fun!. Gene Simmons is an unbelievable success. More so than I ever knew. KISS holds all the records for record sales for any rock band ever – including Elvis and the Beatles. Their empire is worth over 1 billion dollars and there are over 3000 branded KISS products on the market today. KISS is a rock BRAND not a rock Band. What is your brand?

So what could a sales expert learn form rock’s perennial bad boy? Plenty….

1) Set no limits on what you can achieve. Success is a mind set. Either you think you can have it all, or you don’t. Never let someone else tell you want you can and can’t achieve. Control those thoughts yourself.

2) Work hard. Gene Simmons is almost 59 worth hundreds of millions of dollars and everyday he goes to work. recently he started a new business. Simmons Abramsom Marketing. They have the exclusive contract for Indy and developed the whole new “I am Indy” campaign – gene even wrote the theme song himself.

3) Connect with people. From the stage in front of 1200 people Gene Simmons connect with people one on one speaking their language. German, Yiddish, Hungarian, Japanese, Mandarin. He connects with people on there level. No private jets, no bodyguards (granted he is big enough to take care of himself). His secret to success is getting close to people and talking to them…about them.

4) Relentlessly Self promote. Never let people forget who you are and make sure you stand out.

More on #4 in the next posting. I’ve got to go back to the conference and meet George Ross!

Dedicated to increasing your sales,