Lazy and Selfish Gone too Far

Sadly it’s not uncommon for people to rip off your stuff. No matter how you protect it, what copywrite you have, or how strong your trademark is, there will always be someone too lazy, or too stupid to have a thought of their own, who will steal your ideas and pass them off as your own.

Last month this happened to me. Thanks to a couple copywite vigilantes – whose names will remain hidden to protect their great work! – we were informed that Robert Paisola was stealing our articles and passing them off as his own on other sites. Sure, he made a couple small changes, like replacing the names in stories, or replacing the title. Largely the articles remained un changed with his name in the “by line”. We quickly and easily put a stop to this by contacting the publishers of the sites, and they were all too happy to remove the stolen works. Thanks to ezine articles for responding so quickly.

Funny thing though…Robert is not just stealing my articles. He is also stolen my bio! Makes me laugh in a sad pathetic way that he won’t even create his own promotional material. He has to steal mine, add his name and change the client list….WOW now that’s plagiarism gone to far! Perhaps verging on identity theft?

I have always argued that humans were lazy and selfish. I mean that in the nicest way. Simply we love to get things the easiest way, and we love to talk about ourselves. Remember that and you can sell successfully everytime. Just let people talk about themselves and make it easy for them to buy. That’s it, nothing sinister really.

Robert Paisolo hit a new low in laziness though don’t you think? Come on Robert….If you can’t think of anything unique and exciting to say about yourself, at least pay a real writter to come up with something you can call your own.