Keep In Touch!

button antenna wave 2d Have you ever lost contact with a client and wondered why?

It’s easy to lose touch with people. We all have personal relationships that we wish we could maintain and nurture more often. But, when you allow your business relationships to fizzle out, it can have a negative impact on your career.

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How can you stay in touch with your clients on a regular basis? Try incorporating the following habits into your sales regimen:

1. It’s All In The Name

When addressing someone in an email or a letter, always begin with the person’s name – even if finding or remembering it is a chore. People respond best when they read or hear their name being used.

2. Say Thanks

If a client contacts you first, thank them for getting in touch. In your next email or on the phone, start the conversation with: “Thank you for your note, it’s great to hear from you.” You always want to acknowledge and thank your client for making the effort to connect with you. They’ll appreciate the acknowledgement and want to initiate contact more often.

3. Don’t Lose Focus

Never multi-task when talking to a customer. In the era of smartphones and tablets, it’s easy to lose our focus when we hear our notification ring. If you’re checking your email or updating your schedule while on the phone with a client, they’ll be able to tell! Always make the client your top and only priority when speaking with them.

4. Appreciate Them

Show your sincere appreciation. Every time a customer buys something from you, gives you a referral, or goes out of their way for you, acknowledge and thank them! This is a simple habit in professional etiquette that many salespeople lack.

5. Don’t Give Up

If you haven’t heard from a client because they are out of the office, busy, sick, or ignoring you, don’t stop trying to reach them. Keeping the lines of communication open will maximize the chances that you will get a response when the client is better positioned to give you one. If your usual methods of communication aren’t working, try something innovative. Try sending a message by courier, fax or snail mail.

Remember sellers, you are responsible for maintaining contact with your clients! You risk losing them as clients if you’re not making them a priority!

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What’s one way you maintain and nurture your business relationships?