Just when you thought you had heard them all

You may not know that Seven Gaffney and I literally wrote the book on Honesty in sales called “Honesty Sells“. So, I always find it hilarious and sad when we get a lying sales person calling our office. Now, truthfully most of the lies I hear today are really “extensions of the truths” or lies of omission. But this week, WOW! It was a big and obvious one.

Rogers Canada has just secured the exclusive rights for the iPhone in Canada. YIPEE!!! No one including Bell and Telus can sell it, or provide network service for it. Chris and I use Rogers and are excited about the iPhone release this summer. We are design and tech geeks at heart!

So when we got a call from Bell this week asking us to switch providers, Chris politely told them: “Sorry no. We are getting iPhones and will stay with Rogers”

Bell proceeded to lie; telling us that they would too be carrying the iPhone. We politely reminded the sales guy that (1) Bell is not a GSM network and could not support the iPhone and (b) its public knowledge that Rogers has an exclusive contract with Apple. Regardless, he kept trying to convince us that we were not right and Bell would have the iPhone

UGH – Finally Chris told him “there is no point in talking if you are going to continue to lie to me” and hung up.

Today at a meeting, Chris and I had the idea to start a “Top 10 Sales Hall of Shame”. Currently this Bell rep holds the top honors. Sadly I fear