JP Morgan and Me

I spent last week in NYC at a meeting with a small group of world class consultants from all over the world for our Summit Consulting Hall of Fame Meeting. It was an invigorating three days of discussions focused on improving our lives, our businesses and the business of our clients.

At the same time, our host Alan Weiss treated us to museums, musicals and amazing meals. It was truly not just a great business event but also a great exercise in helping us lead a well-balanced life. Something I want for you all too.

During a museum tour I found myself in JP Morgan’s office and I couldn’t resist (with permission from the security guard of course) to take this picture at his desk. Can you imagine all the ideas that flowed across it? All the companies that were formed here? All the contracts that were signed?

Speaking of signing contracts…be sure to read today’s article Rethinking the Sales Process for some new ideas – borne from my past – on how to succeed in the sales process. It will definitely help you find and keep more clients for life, contributing greatly to your quest for a well-balanced business and life!