It’s a Jungle Out There – Be Prepared

I spent this past weekend taking my “advanced motorcycle training” course. Although I’ve been riding for several years now, I want to make sure that I have every advantage out there on the road. As anyone who’s ridden a bike through city traffic knows – it’s a jungle out there!

For sales professionals and business owners faced with a slowing economy (recession?) it’s a jungle out there too. Tighter budgets, more competition, no one calling you back… believe me, I’ve been there. Like dangerous city traffic, there isn’t much you can do about the economy itself. So you’re really faced with a decision: how are you going to respond?

I invested in the two day motorcycle course because I knew that stepping up and addressing my safety head-on was the only way I was going to stack the odds in my favour.

For the same reason I’m thrilled to be offering, for the first time, the chance for a small group of sales professionals and business owners to stack the odds in their favour: by providing access to the detailed sales techniques that work in today’s tough selling environment – secrets to immediately increase your ability to get prospects to call you back, to grow your pipeline and to close more business than ever before – no matter what you’re selling.

I am taking a select group of only 25 individuals to get complete access to these secrets when they join me for a comprehensive 3-day workshop event that will transform the way you attract, win and maintain customers.

Together, at the Engage Sales Mastery Workshop we will cover the range of things you need to know to profitably build your sales. You’ll learn the secrets for:

  • Immediate results, lasting success and a permanent increase to your bottom line
  • 25-95% increase in profitability with dramatically reduced customer defection rates
  • Up to 30% reduction in sales cycles
  • Strategies and tactics to work effectively with executive-level clients and navigate those complex, “big dollar” deals
  • Reduced costs and increased profitability by discounting 80% less often
  • Increased honesty and accountability in yourself and those you interact with
  • Clear and objective measurements for how your sales team is performing – regardless of what the forecasts say
  • Up to 50% increase in average order size
  • 80% increase in call-back ratios
  • A clearly defined plan for success, including relevant, concrete steps you can apply immediately with your sales force

This workshop is powerful, unlike any other sales seminar, event or boot camp, you’ve experienced. It provides the most comprehensive, relentlessly detailed, hands-on training on what works in sales today! And you won’t walk away overloaded by what you’ll learn. You’ll be applying the lessons to your own business while you are there! That’s because I’m limiting attendance to no more than 25 people so that you’ll get my focused attention to make sure you apply all the lessons you’ll learn to your specific business.

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Dedicated to increasing your sales,
Colleen Francis

P. S. Remember that you get three days of intensive work to discover the full secrets of sales top performers and to apply them to your business. You’ll leave with a plan that you can begin implementing the day you get back to the office. Claim you place at the workshop: Discover Your Advantage at the Engage Sales Mastery Workshop.